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About Me

Welcome to my personal finance blog! I created this blog to improve my reader’s financial position, share my ideas on financial topics and provide supplemental income.

My name is Stefan and I am from the small Caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago. I am a young millennial living in the United States and recently graduated in August 2016 with my MBA with a specialization in accounting. I completed my undergraduate studies in May of 2015 with a dual major in accounting and business management.

After my MBA, I will be joining one of the big four accounting firms as part of their Banking and Capital Markets group. Being involved in this robust industry, I have been able to sharpen my skills relating to finance and investing.

I acknowledge that I am not a certified financial planner nor an English major with experience in blogging. However, I have put in many hours of research to expand my knowledge on these fields and have gained valuable experience by being an active stock trader. Based on my research, personal experience, and advice gained from many people, I believe I can offer high quality advice to my readers to save you a few hundred dollars a year.

While doing an assignment for a personal finance class, I became very interested in the problems millennial’s face financially. The millennial generation has the highest debt burden of any generation and this is why I decided to begin a blog. Many people often wonder, “How can I become financially stable?” I will publish weekly blogs related to specific topics that are important to achieve financial security. Topics can range from personal finance advice to issues going on in the world that may have a significant effect on your wallet.

I am very passionate about the business world and read financial articles on a daily basis through various sources. I hope to use this blog to educate my readers, motivate my readers, and most of all provide high-quality financial advice that can actually help people. This blog, while geared towards millennials, will benefit readers of all generations and anybody who wants to better their financial position.

About This Blog

Knowing how to make your money work for you is the key for financial success. However, money is often a sensitive topic for many people. I always hear people, myself included, complain about money. “I cannot go out tonight sorry. This place is to expensive can we go somewhere cheaper.” These are some of the frequent comments that everybody complains about.

My blog will aim to reduce some of these financial worries and hopefully improve your living standards. Nothing is a quick fix and success will not happen overnight. However, if you read this blog there will be many tips and tricks to help save you a few hundred dollars a year. I don’t know about you but having a couple extra hundred dollars in my bank account or investment account sounds like a good deal to me.

There are five categories I hope to educate my readers on: Budgeting, Investing, Debt Management, World Issues (That affect your wallet), and Other Topics.  My post will combine my experiences, experiences of others and facts from reliable sources on many of these topics. I aim to produce a high quality blog that will make you trust my advice and save you some money in the end.

I will post an article every Wednesday and Sunday on varying topics. I will like to hear input from my readers however on topics that may interest you. While I have many ideas, satisfying your needs will always be my priority. Please do not hesitate to contact me on the “Contact” page to offer your ideas or thoughts on my blog.

Remember, money does not sleep, eat or stress. Making your money work for you will enable financial success.


Disclaimer: I am neither a certified financial planner, a certified public accountant (yet) , or an expert in any type of personal finance. This site should be viewed and shared for educational and entertainment purposes only. My posts are based on my personal experiences and research that I do. Any investment that is not FDIC insured may decline in value and I am not liable for these losses. You should consider consulting an investment professional before making any financial decisions.

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