Hey everyone, I got a great guest post for you guys. On personal finance blogs we often preach good financial advice that can help you improve your financial situation. Today, Jacob will talk about a time he got awful financial advice. Have you ever received bad advice from someone?  I mean… really bad, as in [...]

Most people who recommend using cash only think credit cards are evil. If you use credit cards your life is going to be consumed by debt. This assumption is completely wrong. Credit cards are extremely useful. Compared to cash, a credit card allows you to build credit, have financial protection in case somebody steals your [...]

Credit cards often have a negative stigma around them, mainly because many people are buried in credit card debt with high interest. But is it the credit card’s fault or the person’s fault? If you ask me, owning a credit card comes with a lot of responsibility. It is very easy to swipe a piece [...]

According to PWC, 2/3 of all millennials, and 80% of college educated millennials, carry at least one source of outstanding long-term debt. Everybody has debt of some kind whether it be credit card debt, student loans or a mortgage. But is debt really that bad? Debt is often necessary for many people to afford big [...]