March and April Blog Update

It is crazy to think that I have not posted on my blog for a little over two months! Honestly, it felt like a couple of weeks. I just wrapped up my first busy season as a tax accountant and it was everything people have said. Thankfully I now have time to breath and plan [...]

College is often one’s last chance to live a care free life before adulting hits. I was your typical college student during the first three years of college. I spent money on alcohol, ate out all the time despite having a meal plan, and eagerly awaited the next source of income that likely did not [...]

Becoming a millionaire is a dream many people have when they are young. Just imagine what this life would be like. I do this on a daily basis. What car would I buy, what country will I visit next? Luckily, I am blessed to know a millionaire. In fact, he is a good blogging friend [...]

I Have A Shopping Problem

This post may contain affiliate links. See the disclosure policy. Clothes? Shoes? Gadgets? If any of those were the items you believe I have a shopping problem with I am sorry to disappoint you. I think we can all agree that shopping during a sale is the best time to buy an item. The cost savings [...]

August 2016 Dividend Income Report

They often say the best way to learn the stock market is to have some skin in the game. Ever since I started my dividend growth investing journey four months ago I have learnt a lot about stocks and how the market reacts, or in some cases over reacts, to news. August was a relatively [...]

July 2016 Dividend Income Report

I am now three months into my Dividend Growth Investing journey and I am having a blast! July has been a very busy month as I completed my MBA on August 3rd and will start a new chapter in my life. However, I do not start working until late November so cash will be tight [...]

  This is a guest article written by Ben Reynolds.  Ben runs Sure Dividend, which uses The 8 Rules of Dividend Investing to help individual investors build high quality dividend growth portfolios and is one of the blogs I read every day.  Stefan recently published an article called ‘Dividend Growth Investing:  Is It Right for [...]

For those not familiar with the Robinhood story, he takes from the rich and gives to the poor. While the app does not take money from the rich, it allows you to make stock trades for free. Robinhood is only accessible through the Google Play or App store. Currently, investors can only trade stocks on [...]

I caught myself having investing ‘fever’ during my sophomore year in college. I worked hard throughout the summer, put my money into a stock and doubled it. Having a taste of success made me want to keep the ball rolling. I made a series of investments my senior year of college and as many of [...]

  When I was starting up my blog the first words I wrote on my site were, “Money does not eat, sleep, or stress… learn to make it work for you.” This saying is one of the core concepts I hope to share on the blog as it is something that everybody at any stage [...]