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How often have you walked into a store and swiped your credit card without paying much attention to the cashier? This weekend I went to the grocery to pick up some items. I picked up a few containers of fruit, some cookies that were on sale, and ice cream. I needed something sweet that weekend! [...]

I find it intriguing that many financial experts are torn on the earn more, spend less debate. When I first began learning about personal finance, almost every blog I read focused on living below your means (i.e. frugality). The first personal finance book I read, The Millionaire Next Door, wrote about millionaires with a frugal [...]

It is crazy to think that I have been blogging for six months! When I began blogging I set some goals. I wanted to get 1,000 views by the end of the year and by December I wanted to get 250 views in a month. It is safe to say that these goals have been [...]

What do you do when you do not know a cooking recipe? If you are like me, you likely hop onto Google or Pinterest and within fractions of a second out pops all of these delicious recipes. You pick the one that is right for you and then you methodically follow their blueprint. People often [...]

How I Graduated College Debt Free

Going to college is almost mandatory in today’s society. We pay tens of thousands of dollar to get a shiny new diploma. Some of us are lucky enough to escape debt free while others graduate with a mountain of debt. Fortunately, I was one of the lucky people to graduate college debt free. Here is [...]

Many people often wonder if survey sites are a legitimate way to increase their income. The short answer is yes. During my MBA I remember sitting down at my computer and filling out surveys for a couple hours a day. While I did make a small amount of money, I found this to be time [...]

I started blogging because I want to own my own business. I wanted to create a brand online that reflects me and most of all I wanted to help people improve their financial situation. When I started blogging I looked up many guides and videos online on how to create a blog. I initially began [...]

Post may contain affiliate links. If you are like most millennials you are drowning in student loans and what remains of your salary is going towards rent expense and living cost. If this sounds like your situation I urge you to continue reading this post. Change your life starting today so you can enjoy a [...]

On September 7th Apple finally unveiled their iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. With the new release of the iPhone comes the new technology trend. Trendsetters around the world will eagerly be awaiting September 16th as that is the first day the new iPhones go on sale with preorders starting on September 9th. Quite frankly [...]

Today’s guest post was contributed by David at FinanceSuperhero. You can follow him on Twitter and Pinterest. Like many other millennials, I enrolled as a college freshman in August 2005. Though I was riding a high bolstered by youthful optimism, much of the rest of the world was holding on tight, collectively bracing itself for another sucker punch [...]

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