Post may contain affiliate links. When most people think about getting in shape their first thought is signing up for a gym membership. This is one of the few monthly expenses that many people are comfortable spending their hard earned cash on as it is improving their health. As many regular readers of this site [...]

The rent vs. buy debate will forever rage on. Today, Amanada from will gives us her take on why it is better to rent in a new city. Amanda is a wife, mom, black belt and creator of, where she shares tips and insights gained through paying off $100,000 in debt on one income, [...]

August 2016 Dividend Income Report

They often say the best way to learn the stock market is to have some skin in the game. Ever since I started my dividend growth investing journey four months ago I have learnt a lot about stocks and how the market reacts, or in some cases over reacts, to news. August was a relatively [...]

Utilize Small Wins to Save More

With my CPA exam tomorrow, I thought today was the perfect time for a guest post. Today, Thias will enlighten us about the power of small wins to save money. Thias is a husband, father, and accountant living in Wisconsin who blogs about pursuing financial freedom (an interview series I was a part of) and [...]

Personal Finance in 10 Sentences

Personal finance sounds very complicated but it is not. It is actually so simple that it can be broken down into 10 sentences: This is the most important lesson anybody can learn in personal finance which is why it is number one. Spending less than you earn sounds so simple on paper yet most people find themselves living [...]

Today’s guest post was contributed by David at FinanceSuperhero. You can follow him on Twitter and Pinterest. Like many other millennials, I enrolled as a college freshman in August 2005. Though I was riding a high bolstered by youthful optimism, much of the rest of the world was holding on tight, collectively bracing itself for another sucker punch [...]

Post contains affiliate links I have said it before and I will say it again, millennials live in harsh economic conditions due to stagnant wages and increasing expenses. Not only do we have less disposable income than past generations, we also have more “necessary” expenses than those before us. Here are a few that come [...]

Pursuing Freedom Interviews

This week I was featured on Pursuing Freedom Interviews which is hosted by Thias over at It Pays Dividends. The purpose of these interviews is to show the journey many financial bloggers, like myself, have gone through. Many of the interviewees are at different stages in life which makes this a great learning experience to all. [...]

"How One Personal Finance Class Changed my Life," discusses the impact an elective in college had on my life. This post may contain affiliate links.  Before my senior year of college I was like 70% of Americans who lived paycheck to paycheck. Being a college student, most of my money went towards parties, alcohol, and [...]

"What Archery and Personal Finance Have in Common" describes a relationship between both of these disciplines that teach us valuable lessons. This post may contain affiliate links. See the disclosure policy.  Like many people, I am glued to my TV most of the day watching the Olympic Games. Recently, I had just finished watching the [...]

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