Many people often wonder if survey sites are a legitimate way to increase their income. The short answer is yes. During my MBA I remember sitting down at my computer and filling out surveys for a couple hours a day. While I did make a small amount of money, I found this to be time [...]

I started blogging because I want to own my own business. I wanted to create a brand online that reflects me and most of all I wanted to help people improve their financial situation. When I started blogging I looked up many guides and videos online on how to create a blog. I initially began [...]

If you lost your job tomorrow, do you know how you will pay your bills? Your pet has to go to the ER. Your car breaks down. You unexpectedly need to go to the hospital. Can you pay these bills without going into debt? For 63% of Americans the answer is no. Chances are, if [...]

I Have A Shopping Problem

This post may contain affiliate links. See the disclosure policy. Clothes? Shoes? Gadgets? If any of those were the items you believe I have a shopping problem with I am sorry to disappoint you. I think we can all agree that shopping during a sale is the best time to buy an item. The cost savings [...]

This is a Sponsored Post. All opinions are mine. Many people know Groupon as an online website to get great savings on everyday purchases. However, Groupon has another hidden gem. Coupons! I’ve recently started to embrace the use of coupons. They are a great way to save money on everyday items that I purchase. A [...]

This is a sponsored post. When your space rocket blows up on the launch pad, your main company starts losing money as you sneakily invest in a business you are Chairman of, you face backlash in the markets as coverage of failures in your autopilot system seemingly dominate the news cycle, and to top things [...]

Post may contain affiliate links. If you are like most millennials you are drowning in student loans and what remains of your salary is going towards rent expense and living cost. If this sounds like your situation I urge you to continue reading this post. Change your life starting today so you can enjoy a [...]

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. One of my favorite seasons is nearing, the holiday season. It is the one time of the entire year where family and friends come together to celebrate the holiday festivities. At least in my family. We feast, party, and stay up late into the night to [...]

August 2016 Income Report

August 2016 Income Report” is my 3rd income report ever! I never expected to see the growth I have seen in the past five months and am very proud of all I have accomplished in this short period of time. This post contains affiliate links so please check out the disclosure policy should you have any questions. Welcome [...]

On September 7th Apple finally unveiled their iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. With the new release of the iPhone comes the new technology trend. Trendsetters around the world will eagerly be awaiting September 16th as that is the first day the new iPhones go on sale with preorders starting on September 9th. Quite frankly [...]

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