This guest post comes from Aliyyah of Rich and Happy Blog. She is a twenty-something professional who graduated from college with no debt and is working towards financial independence. You can find more about her Pinterest and Twitter. I hope you enjoyed her post as much as I did: Budgeting is an important part of [...]

I started to truly invest during the summer of 2015. The reason I say truly invest is because I bought stocks prior to this time but that is a story for another day. Anyway, I was working and had some money to put into the stock market so I thought about the kind of stocks [...]

Today's guest post is written by Allan from Allan has paid off over $40,000 in debt and saved over $70,000 in 2.5 years by adopting some simple and extreme saving techniques that has allowed him to take care of his family and get closer to financial freedom. You can follow him on Twitter:  Many of us [...]

It is graduation season! In May hundreds of thousands of college students will graduate college/university and enter the real world. Many will feel excited and scared at the same time. When I graduated last May I was excited for the new opportunities that were going to come my way. Since I graduated I have gone [...]

Welcome to Financially Savvy Saturdays, a link up created just for personal finance bloggers! We want to read anything to do with personal finance here. Whether you've written anything from how you've stopped worrying about money to your top tips for tracking your spending, you're invited to link-up. If it ties in to personal finance, [...]

Social media plays an essential role in Generation Y’s lifestyle. We spend our free time browsing Facebook, sending silly snaps on Snapchat, or posting pictures on Instagram. What we fail to realize is the cost of pleasing social media. As Will Smith said, “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t [...]

On Thursday, I was watching the CNBC Halftime Report in which Kevin O’Leary was a guest. The panel was discussing the recent miss in Apple’s earnings which sent the stock plummeting. Many people do not consider the impact a company, like Apple, has on the investing markets. As of April 29, 2016, Apple has the [...]

Millennial’s Guide to Stocks

Welcome to the third part of the Millennial’s Guide series! The reasoning behind the name of the series is because millennials enjoy quick, simple answers displayed in a fun format. Today I created a quick two minute video info-graphic on stocks. If there are any concepts you do not understand in the video check out my detailed [...]

In a debt ridden world individuals find themselves constantly worrying about their financial situation. An extensive survey done by PWC focused on the millennial generation and their understanding of financial literacy. The results were absolutely shocking. Here are some of the most jaw dropping statistics from the survey: 24% of millennials can understand basic financial [...]

In my previous energy article, Cheaper Oil, Bigger problems?, I spoke about the impact oil prices have on individuals and nations. On Sunday April 17th, many of the world’s largest oil producing nations came together in Doha, Qatar to discuss the possibility of freezing oil output. Should the meeting lead to a successful output cap, [...]

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