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Below are a list of products and services that I highly recommend for Millennials. These recommendations will help you break the financial shackles of debt, help you build wealth, reduce your student loans, or learn more about personal finance. The links are affiliate links but there is no cause for concern as they are free to use. I have personally used or reviewed all of the items and give you my assurance that they will add value to your financial journey.

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Investing Platforms and Wealth Management



Betterment – We know millennials can be lazy and investing is scary. Fortunately, is a great tool that alleviates all of these problems. Betterment will automatically invest your money in low cost ETFs. If you do not want to manage your own portfolio or hire a portfolio manager, Betterment may be the place for you.


Acorns – Want to invest and not even have to think about it? will automatically invest your spare change. Every time you swipe your credit card the app automatically rounds the purchase up and throws it into five different ETFs, cool right? I use Acorns and have amassed over $100 in investments. You will get $5 for free from my referral program!


Motif Investing – This is my favorite investing platform. offers low-cost trading as well as the ability to create a portfolio of up to 30 stocks called a ‘Motif’. Purchasing an individual stock cost $4.95 while a Motif cost $9.95. Check out my review on Motif.


Personal Capital – consolidates all your financial accounts into one location. You can track your spending, net worth, and most importantly, your investment portfolio. The best part is that this is free to use! They also have an app for convenience. I find this program very easy to use and highly recommend it!


Student Loans



Sofi – helps you refinance your student loans with the best interest rates available. When you refinance your student loans it is important to refinance for the lower interest rate not lower loan payments. The quicker you destroy your debt the quicker you can become financial independent! The best part, they are free! You also get a $100 bonus when you sign up with Sofi due to my referral program!

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Lendedu – Similar to Sofi, helps you refinance your student loans with the best interest rates available. The way Lendedu works is they will compare interest rates from several companies and hook you up with the best one! The best part, they are free!


Consumer Surveys



American Consumer Opinion  Ever wanted to get paid for taking a survey? is one of the top survey sites that will pay you to take surveys. I have had many friends earn over $100 a month from this site!


Swagbucks – Like American Consumer Opinion, Swagbucks is another great survey site that has paid out over $130 million in rewards. They offer points for surveys, watching videos, browsing the internet and much more. This is easy money!


Website Hosting



SiteGround – is the site I use to run my website. Not only are they reasonably priced, they are also very easy to install. SiteGround’s customer service will do the entire installation for you! They also have better security and faster run time than comparable services for the same low price. Get SiteGround today!


Bluehost – is very similar to HostGator. They are actually under the same parent company so their services are almost identical. Why didn’t I start with Bluehost? Honestly, I did not know about them when I started. I would highly recommend either Bluehost or HostGator when starting out as they are both $5.95 a month.


Online Shopping



Amazon – is the world’s largest e-commerce store. Amazon is my go to website for all my shopping needs as they have every product imaginable. If you would like two day shipping you may also want to try out Amazon Prime. 


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